Top 3 Reasons You Should Service Your Car at Mercedes-Benz of Greensboro

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Alamance and Burlington, NC drivers seeking out regular maintenance or vehicle repair following and accident, collision, or other incident, should make an appointment with the service center at Mercedes-Benz of Greensboro today.

Our customers return to us for a number of reasons:

Reason #1: The Range of Services Offered

Whether you're looking for simply or complicated fixes, we can help. Our service staff regularly deal with items as small as oil changes and fluid flushes to as complicated as mechanical work and cosmetic repair. We can help post collision and proactively for regular maintenance items. Our staff are also Mercedes-Benz trained and can spot and fix issues other service centers might miss.

Reason #2: The Ease of Booking an Appointment

When you are ready to come in to see us, simply use our online booking form to get the next appointment. If you use an account or sign up with us, we can track your historical fixes so we have a better picture of your vehicle each time you come to see us--and we can even recommend fixes ahead of time. Otherwise, simply choose the next time slot that works for you and we will be in touch to confirm.

If you prefer to book over the phone, this is also an option. Call our service center directly or through the main line at any time.

Reason #3: Our Service Specials

To help you save money and stress while servicing your vehicle, we frequently offer service specials and coupons. As driving conditions change throughout the year, these specials and coupons may also change to reflect needs. In muckier months, we may offer more deals on tire rotations and brake checks whereas in the spring, we focus more on cleaning, detailing, and parts replacement. Check back often to find what you are looking for.


Most customers find it easiest to reach out to us through the online contact form, but if your questions is best asked over the phone, or if you have additional questions about your vehicle or anything else, please call our main line today or check the service FAQ page.

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